Pirates and Pearls Coffee Roasters



Pirates and Pearls has family ties to this third generation coffee estate from which our beans have been carefully selected. This treasured estate is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the golden Kona Coast. All coffee cherry is carefully handpicked at its peak of ripeness. You will soon find that our 100% Kona Coffee is not only rich in history, but rich in flavor.

Our highly sought after, gold-bagged Kona coffee is roasted from Single Estate 100% Kona coffee beans. A true treasure of a flavor to savor which is sure help you "get up & get after it."


The high elevation, rich volcanic soil, sunny mornings, clouds and rain in the afternoon, alongside the perfect temperature throughout the year, makes Kona the ideal place to grow coffee. 

Did you know?

Kona coffee is the only coffee grown in the United States. It is well known around the world for its rich flavor and excellent quality. In fact, Mark Twain said, “Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other…” The rich volcanic soil and perfect climate on the Big Island of Hawaii provides the perfect condition for growing coffee. Several areas were used for coffee fields throughout the Big Island, but the district of Kona was perfect and now the majority of coffee is planted there. Kona coffee blooms with small white flowers (Kona Snow) covering the tree in February and March. Because Kona coffee is so rare some retailers sell Kona Blends which may only contain 10% of Kona coffee and 90% of less expensive imported beans. In 1990 a California company was sued on behalf of Kona coffee growers for labeling bags “Kona coffee” but filling it with Central American coffee. If you want to experience the rich full flavor that Mark Twain talked about then order 100% Kona coffee from Pirates and Pearls Coffee Roasters.